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Allied Health Shortage (Essay Sample)

There were several different reasons listed in the lecture for workforce shortages. List the top three reasons you believe there is a shortage (in healthcare) and write a essay detailing your reasons. Remember to specifically address the following in your reasoning: 1. Consider some short-term solutions. 2. Consider some long-term solutions. 3. Identify a special interest group or government agency that would help you write policy to solve the problem. source..
Reasons of Shortage of Workforce in Healthcare[Name of Student][Name of Institute]
Reasons and Solutions for Workforce Shortage in Healthcare
It can be said that the baby boom generation ages and retires into other positions cause retirements. The technology has created new diagnostics and treatments along with the creation of new positions at workplaces. With the increase in demand with the increase in services, the need for workforce will increase in workplaces specifically in healthcare organizations. There is shortage of healthcare professionals in different fields in this recent era CITATION SRo09 \l 1033 (Hernandez, 2009). The physicians are scarce in rural areas along with the lower socioeconomic sections of the country to recruit them with package deals of incentives and benefits. Nurses are in short supply all over the country. However, it can be said that the women sought to join the health care team they were constrained to become nurse. Therefore, now women are members of healthcare professions but the low salaries with the poor benefits in the field of nursing or healthcare were ignored. The creative solutions for this reason are way behind in fulfilling the growing need for workforce in healthcare organizations CITATION Har03 \l 1033 \m Cou07 (Feldman, 2003; Price & Novak, 2007).
The critical shortages of workforce in healthcare organizations have encouraged the creative recruiting efforts along with the financial incentives enticing many individuals in this field. It can be said that the shortages of workforce as educators can be a major factor in maintaining such type of shortage at critical levels for years to come. The tighter immigration laws can influence the profession of healthcare overall because fewer immigrants are available to come forward for the vacant positions, which can cause the increase in demand for the health care professionals CITATION Ste07 \l 1033 \m Cou07 (Jonas, Goldsteen, & Goldsteen, 2007; Price & Novak, 2007).
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