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Aging and Long Term Care (Essay Sample)


Consider the questions below:
1.) The U.S. does not have a national system of long-term care insurance, so individuals must first rely on their own resources and then Medicaid, if they qualify. In essence, must an individual or family “go broke” before obtaining needed, and publically funded, assistance in a health care emergency?
2.) Families are often the critical link in support for a patient with long-term needs. What is the effect of that burden on a family?
3.) At what point does Medicaid become the payer for long-term care services?
4.) What are the advantages and disadvantages of private sector options?
5.) How has the demand for long-term health care changed, and what’s next?
Discuss one or more of the issues associated with those questions in light of your own value system and beliefs. How can the Three E’s be represented when considering elder care?


Aging and Long-term Care
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Medicaid is a health insurance policy catering for the low-income earners and the disabled in the society. It is a joint venture by both the state and the national government with different states offering different criteria for eligibility for the program. In most US states, the disabled, nursing homes, orphanages and those with limited income are the eligible ones to the program, but some also allow those with above average income to subscribe (Angel, 2000). Primary considerations for eligibility include the household size, the amount of income, age and disability cases (if any). Considering the spend-down rules, one may still be eligible for Medicaid even when their income level surpasses that set by the state. To be considered ‘medically needy’, your me...
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