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Admission Essay: Advanced Standing Program for International Dentists (Essay Sample)


Discuss the greatest challenges you may face in an advanced standing program in the United States? How will you prepare yourself to deal with these challenges?
Technology- dental as well as classroom teaching techniques might/will be different from the techniques in India. I have been working as a dental assistant for 1 year now and I am quite comfortable with performing certain procedures which were performed differently in India.
Multicultural and diverse environment: Working with peers and patients from diverse background, can be difficult sometimes. It might be hard to understand their language and accent and it might be hard to convey my message in the right way. I have worked at a retail store, and am currently working as a dental assistant for a Native American tribe where I work with a diverse and dynamic group of people including Asians, African-Americans, and Caucasians, which has helped me to understand people from different backgrounds well, and I also enjoy learning new things about their culture.
Being out of touch with direct patient care as a dentist, it might be hard for me when I start fresh as a student dentist again. Recently, I completed a week-long certificate training to be a Periodontal Expanded Functions Dental Assistant. I am now certified to perform ultrasonic scalings on patients. While on the training, I was told by my instructors that I was a ‘natural' (great comments on my chair position and motor skills). After this experience, I believe that going back to direct patient care will be a smooth transition.


Advanced Standing Program for International Dentists
Course title
Advanced Standing Program for International Dentists
The design of an Advanced Standing Program for International Dentists is meant to orient the already qualified international dentists, on the skills and knowledge and practice in the United States of America. This encompasses the procedures in technical and academics, with a great devotion to clinical training. As an interested party, the most compelling challenges that I face are cultural, Technological and social in nature. However, based on my academic background, experience and practice in India, in the field of dentistry, I have an upper hand.
As a young boy aged five years, my father asked me a question which has since then, transformed my dreams into a reality. “What do you want to be when you grow up?” he would ask. In response I innocently answered, “a doctor”. By this time, I could not comprehend beyond this as the only career, but as age caught up with me in my studies, I settled for specialist training as a dentist where I excelled. The most disturbing fact about the whole idea of the standing program in the United States of America, is not repeating the same workload in class, rather it is the adjustment to the new and foreign culture, and the technological advancement in the U.S as compared to the developing technology India. It is indeed a standard procedure that must be followed by any dentist with an international degr...
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