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480 SLP2 Data Analytics Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay (Essay Sample)


For the Module 2 SLP, continue with the selected healthcare organization from Module 1, and respond to the items below:
How would you explain data analytics to your leadership team? What does it mean?
What are three opportunities to use Big Data in your organization?
How can Big Data benefit your patients?
How is Big Data used to identify healthcare fraud?


480 SLP2
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Data Analytics
Data analytics refers to the science of analyzing raw data to make inferences about that information (Wang & Alexander, 2020). It is the collection and analysis of data to gain insights and support decision-making (Wang & Alexander, 2020).The techniques of data analytics can reveal trends and metrics that would be lost in big data. This information can then leverage processes to increase an organization's system (Reddy & Ramanadham, 2017). It is used to predict trends, improve outreach and manage disease transmission. This field covers a wide range of businesses and offers insight on micro and macro levels.
From primary areas like clinical data, medical costs, pharmaceuticals, and patient behavior, data analytics are used on micro and macro levels to shape operations, reduce overall costs and improve patient care (Pramanik et al., 2019). It can show progress in clinical data, diagnosis, patient care quality, and business management. When combined with data visualization tools and business intelligence suites, data analytics improve managers' operations by providing real-time information that can deliver actionable insights and support decisions (Craven & Page, 2015). For healthcare organization managers, data analytics provide administrative and financial data alongside information that can improve services, patient care efforts, and existing procedures.

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