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4 Homework 6 Pt2: Hyperpalatable Food And Drugs (Essay Sample)


Answer all of the following questions, and make sure to incorporate all of the following concepts where relevant, as well as their definitions/explanations, in your answers: "conditioned hypereating," "priming," "abstinence violation," "setting condition," "transition emotions," amygdal, and "vagabond feeding."
1.    Why does the reward center in the brain light up in response both to hyperpalatable food and drugs?
2.    Why do people develop a disorder called conditioned hypereating and how do people come to be trapped into eating hyperpalatable foods?
3.    How does conditioned hypereating emerge, and what are its roots?
4.    What are the warning signs of hypereating in children?
5.    How and why does culture have an effect on overeating?
Write a 500 word paper to address the questions above. You are required to cite your sources in the body of your text properly, include a reference page, and use APA style.


4 homework 6pt 2
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Q.1 Eating food just like taking drugs elicits the stimulation of the reward center of the brain. According to David Kessler, food makers combine ingredients such as fats, sugar, flavors and food additives creating hyperpalatable foods that stimulate the brain circularity (Kessler, 2010). Consequently, when an individual continuously feeds on such foods they tap into the amygdala area of the brain eliciting anticipation of a reward and developing conditioned hypereating. Conditioned hypereating is the alteration of chemicals in the brain that causes the continuous eating of hyperpalatable foods that causes the reward center to light up.
Q.2 People develop conditioned hypereating by eating foods whose chemical makeup is altered to increase their reward properties, which causes the alteration of the chemical makeup of the brain and creating an automatic need for the foods for satisfaction. The behavior is fueled by cues that capture an individual’s attention and creates excitement and anticipation over the feelings gotten from eating the foods or by violating abstinence from certain foods and eating a single of it, which triggers continuous eating, referred to as priming.
Q.3 Conditioned hypereating traces its existence f...
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