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4 Homework 2 Follow Up: Weight Management (Essay Sample)


Please answer the additional questions and provide three references:
1. What did you see as the overarching take home message(s) in the readings and/or video?
2. What did you find most surprising about the readings or the video? 
3. Drawing on the topics discussed in this week's module: 
*prepare a plan of action that supports some degree of change or awareness on the macro- and/or micro-level


Weight Management
The overarching message that comes from the reading is associated with the weight management aspects. This is with reference to the settling point theory. Maintaining an average healthy weight is a crucial goal for anyone that is watching their health goals. The settling point theory is one of the most logical approach to maintaining a healthy weight. One that will not have any compromises on their health. Watching what one eats is the first step (The Beginning of the Obesity Epidemic, n.d.). As the theory indicates, of one eats too much and they have little or no exercise, they are likely to gain weight. This is a concept that helps people to watch their food intake and their ability to expend energy, with physical activities such as going to the gym, taking walks and bike rides among others. It is important to balance the amount of energy taken in and energy spent to reduce or/ and manage weight gain.
One of the most surprising aspect of the reading is that, suga...
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