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320 SLP Organization Behavior, Structure Health, Medicine Essay (Essay Sample)


SLP Assignment Overview
This assignment will test your knowledge of organizational structures. According to Nagy (2016), organizational structures essentially are operating manuals that illustrate how an organization is put together and works. There are various types of organizational structures. Regarding organizational structures in the health care field, an organizational structure that drives a small rural family practice would not be efficient for a large urban hospital, and vice versa.
For this assignment, you should:
First, pretest your current knowledge of organizational structure types by using this online test at the following link: http://higheredbcs(dot)wiley(dot)com/legacy/college/hitt/0471351768/quiz/ch13.html
Watch the following video: “Types of Traditional Organizational Designs: Simple, Functional & Divisional Designs”: http://oer2go(dot)org/mods/en-oya/business-101/videos/Chapter7/6-Types-of-Traditional-Organizational-Designs-Simple-Functional-and-Divisional-Designs.mp4
In a 2- to 3-page paper, describe the three types of Traditional Organizational Design (Simple, Functional & Divisional) and provide an example of a health care facility/organization that each design would ideally follow (i.e., Hospital – Functional). (Note: You might want to consider matrix organizational structures, a combination of both functional and divisional organizational structures.)
In your paper, dedicate a paragraph to the results of your pre-test. There is no need to share your answers or score. Consider your results against what you learned in the video. Ask yourself: Do you believe your knowledge was increased? Did the pre-test assist with knowing the importance of organizational structures for health care leaders? What other benefits did you obtain from taking the test?
SLP Assignment Expectations
Conduct additional research to gather sufficient information to support your selection for each design.
Limit your response to a maximum of 3 pages.
Support your SLP with peer-reviewed articles, using at least 2 references. Use the following source for additional information on how to recognize peer-reviewed journals: http://www(dot)angelo(dot)edu/services/library/handouts/peerrev.php.
You may use the following source to assist in formatting your assignment: https://owl(dot)english(dot)purdue(dot)edu/owl/resource/560/01/


Organizational Behavior and Structure:
Course codeDate:
Acquiring the knowledge of organizational structures is paramount for any individual intending to venture into business. Many of the organizational structures are something that the ordinary person has encountered at least once. This subconscious knowledge will help answer an online test to determine my level of knowledge of organizational structures. Therefore, the following is a summary of three traditional organizational designs answering some of the questions provided by the test.
A simple organizational structure is a default operating design used by most small businesses. Unlike other forms of management, the simple design does not have formal departments or layers of management meaning the decision making is centralized within the owner. The system is characterized by low departmentalization, little work specialization, wide spans of control, centralized authority, and little formalization of rules that govern the operation. It is also common to have few employees in such a company therefore; each employee needs to perform multiple functions in various areas within the organization resulting in low departmentalization. Policies, and rules are limited due to the span of control and limited work specialization. However, when such a company expands, it will outgrow the simple structure and start operating and delegating roles in a more complex structure.CITATION Gho16 \l 1033 (Ahmadya, Mehrpour, & Nikooravesh, 2016)

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