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The Environment Equation: Telecommunication Reducing Global Warming (Essay Sample)


"The Environment Equation" is the resource attached.
The author provides 100 steps to reduce your carbon footprint. You do not have to read the entire book. Simply browse through the various chapters and select at least one step that interests you.
Submit a 1 page document (double-spaced) on which step you chose and why you found it interesting. Do you practice that step already? If you like several, you may describe those and elaborate. However, only one is required.


The Environment Equation
Course title and number
Telecommunication as a method of reducing global warming in a manner that is fascinating as I already practice it unknowingly. Telecommunicating involves working away from office. This idea has created a new working environment that is literary virtual. It has been created by wireless Internet and existence of non-manual jobs (Heddier & Materek, 2015). The ability to work away from office has reduced global warming in various ways, even extending to other means. This method means no car, no money, and no time is spend commuting to a physical workplace; you work at your comfort at home any other place of convenient.
Telecommunication reduces global warming by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide emitted into the air which could cause global warning (Arai et al., 2015). This is because people do not drive to work place as they could have without telecommunication (Cars and Global Warming, n.d.). Similarly, people do not also release harmful waste including carbon material the environment as they wou

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