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Aviation Assignment: Singapore Airlines And South-East Asia (Essay Sample)


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Singapore airlines and South-East Asia
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Table of Contents
Singapore Airlines and South-East Asia
Part I: Company profile
1.0 Background
Singapore Airline was started in 1937 as Malayan Airways; however, the airline was later joined by British Imperial Airways, Ocean Steamship Company of Liverpool and Straits Steamship Company. However, due to economic uncertainties caused by the Second World War, the airline remained inactive and became operational after the war in 1947. Malayan Airways’ first flight was from Kellang Airport in Singapore to Kuala Lumpur on 2nd April, 1947. However, the number of flights increased to three flights in a week on the same route before venturing on other destinations such as; Kota Bahru destination, Kuantan destination, Penang destination and Ipoh destination. The company expanded rapidly through acquisition of extra aircrafts and opened up major destinations globally. However, the political uncertainties led to change of airline’s name from Malaysian Airline to Malaysia-Singapore Airline (MSA) in the year 1966. After renaming the airline, the Malaysian and Singapore increased their share holding to 42.79 percent each through injecting more capital. However, remaining shares were acquired by Qantas, Ocean Steamship Company, Straits Steamship Company, Brunei government and BOAC. However, political differences between the two countries in 1971 led to termination of the MSA alliance. Therefore, the properties of MSA alliance were divided between the two nations and Singapore taking the biggest share although it compensated Malaysia for the unequal property sharing. Singapore received the premises hosting the head offices, all jumbo jet aircrafts, aircraft hangars, major overseas offices, maintenance facilities located at Paya Lebar Airport and the major computer operation system. However, Malaysia received all equipment situated in the country; minor offices located overseas, the entire Friendship Fleet and all Britten-Norman aircrafts (National Library Board; Singapore, 2017).
The dissolution the MSA alliance led to the emergence of Singapore Airlines which became the country’s major airline and it adopted all international routes used by MSA across Middle East countries, Europe countries and South and North Asia nations. The airline’s first commercial flight was inaugurated at Paya Lebar Airport. The company became the first ever Airline located in South East Asia to own air bus known as Boeing 747-200. However, after acquiring the new jumbo

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