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You are public servant: Marijuana Decriminalization Policy (Essay Sample)

You are public servant working in the office of a provincial solicitor general. Your government has asked you to confidentially begin exploring a new policy to decriminalize marijuana for personal use and possession. In 500 words, advise your deputy minister about the key advantages and challenges of implementing such a policy. Touch on the different areas of public administration that you think might be affected, and explain how. source..

Marijuana Decriminalization Policy

The use, sale, and possession of Marijuana is illegal in most countries around the world. However, a number of countries have decriminalized the substance and created specific exemptions in its usage. Marijuana is intended for use as medicine and a psychoactive drug. It is however not as dangerous as alcohol and tobacco. A lot of people in the world die from alcohol abuse and excessive tobacco smoking. By evaluation, marijuana is non- toxic and cannot result to death by overdose. On the other hand, it is the most used illegal drug in many parts of the world whose legalization has negative and positive effects.(Caulkins, 2012).
Legalizing marijuana for possession and use by the people will bring great expansion to the country in terms of increase in revenue from the products derived from it. Marijuana consumption would certainly spread out further in a legal market where joints are openly and cheaply available (Sabet-Sharghi, 2013). Most people will choose to eat pot-infused foodstuff for a variety of reasons. For medical marijuana patients, it could be the simplest and healthiest way for them to benefit from the drug and a discreet way to enjoy marijuana for the recreational user.
In addition, Marijuana legalization is likely save the substantial economic and social costs of the current criminal prohibition system in our country. The State and the local government stands to save billions of dollars that they currently spend regulating marijuana use and also generate billions in additional tax revenue that will emanate from marijuana sales (Caulkins, 2012).
Prohibition of this drug will deny citizens their most basic human right; it takes away their right of sovereignty over their bodies and gives it to government. This being a democratic nation, it would be imperative to let the people decide in regard to the usage of this drug.
Although it is important that marijuana is legalized, this move will highly affect the criminal justice systems as well as the public administration. Legalization would lead to an increase in the use of drugs and the strengthening of criminal organizations involved in drug distribution which would continue to operate freely (Sabet-Sharghi, 2013). It is possible that after decriminalizing this drug, problems are likely to arise in the public administration sector. Members who may have used the drug discreetly will come out in the open and if they use marijuana in their line of work, an ethical flaw is created in their profession. The Public Administration is very ...
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