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For the essay : Firstly: 2 outside reputable sources, one of which must be a primary source (a book or an educational journal from a library). Each essay should be 1 1/2 pages long PLUS a reference page. It should be typed in Times New Roman Font with black ink, 12pt. and double spaced. The chapter the question is from should be at the top of the first page with the question you are answering typed out beneath it. Be sure my name is on all pages of the document , The final page of this essay should be a typed reference page in APA style in which you cite the text, as well as your additional sources. Secondly instruction about essay: Review pages 22-23 of textbook (Teaching in America George Morrison S. 5th Edition, ( please see attached pages of the textbook page 22 and 23 ) (Personal Metaphors). Select one of the metaphors outlined. Research the metaphor using outside sources. Is this a metaphor you would use to describe the type of teacher you want to be? Have you known a teacher that you believe \"lived\" this metaphor (How and Why)? How does this metaphor positively impact student learning? Are there drawbacks to this metaphor? This should be submitted as an RTF attachment Thanks source..

What it means to be a teacher
A teacher
Numerous factors contribute to what it means to be a teacher. A teacher could be a person with a deep understanding of a subject and skills to encourage positive learning outcomes and to create an ideal environment for students disregarding ability or background. To be a teacher means one is able to develop a variety of practices and strategies to support learning by student via planning, executing, implementing, assessing and evaluating their positive philosophy on pedagogy and lessons. There are many other elements that contribute to what it means to be a teacher such as professional attitude, exceptional organization and planning skills, and an in-depth knowledge in a wide range of subject areas. An ideal teacher has constructive means to manage a classroom successfully, ability to have a good relationship with children, and a continuous commitment to professional development. In addition, constructivism also reflects the morals and ideals as well as teaching abilities, which is what makes a teacher effective (Batten, Marland & Khamis, 1993). This paper seeks to discuss what it means to be a teacher.
What it means to be a teacher from the perspective of a student is that the students should feel they are helped and understood by their teacher. Students should feel that the teacher cares for and do not lose temper on them. Students want to look at a teacher as a role model...
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