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What’s the Biggest Challenge for Colleges and Universities (Essay Sample)


part 1: Summarize the views presented in “What Is the Biggest Challenge for Colleges and Universities” (main part should contain 200- 250words), should write the main idea or claim of this article.
part 2: discuss one of the challenges that especially resonates with your experience of being a multilingual college student. (just 100 words)


Due Date
Part 1
The article titled What’s the Biggest Challenge for Colleges and Universities delivers several points that help to paint a clear picture regarding the challenges that face colleges and universities today. The first point considers the impact of technology and how it continues to influence the lives of students as well as their learning. Jean M. Twenge believes that devices such as smartphones and laptops continue to deny students fair chances of studying. She sites social media as a major impediment to higher education something that Kay Rothman alludes indicating that it is the backbone of anti-intellectualism today.
Aside from the above, there is also the issue of weak state support that continues to cripple the schools’ research and innovation efforts. Barron believes that this not only impacts education but also the economy. Michael Bloomberg, on the other hand, sees the lack of preparation as a major challenge to higher education. To Bloomberg, students are not prepared enough before they make their way into colleges or int

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