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Comprehension Refers To The Reader’s Understanding Of What Is Being Read (Essay Sample)


Comprehension is the overall goal of reading. “Comprehension refers to the reader’s understanding of what is being read” (Zarrillo, 2017, p. 93).
Read the comprehension sections in your texts and watch the video on the top of page 94, “Types of Comprehension” of Ready for RICA.
Respond to the following prompts in the Comprehension discussion forum by Wednesday:
Why is reading comprehension so important to the reading process?
List the three levels of comprehension skills and explain each of them.
Using a story that most everyone will know (Goldilocks and the Three Bears for example), come up with three comprehension questions: one from each of the three levels. Identify what story you are basing your questions on.


Week 6 – Reading Comprehension
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August 8, 2019
Reading comprehension is an indispensable skill for any student. It allows him to understand the real meaning of the texts and relate them to the outside world. Being able to comprehend also makes it easier for the student to remember what he reads CITATION Tho06 \l 1033 (Thorne, 2006).
Accordingly, there are three main types of comprehension, namely (1) literal meaning, (2) inferential meaning, and (3) evaluative meaning. Literal meaning is the simplest type of comprehension as it only requires the reader to be able to understand ‘what is being said’ in the story CITATION Zar07 \l 1033 (Zarrillo, 2007). For example, in the story of The Sleeping Beauty, a reader must be able to understand that sleeping beauty is a princess, cursed to sleep forever, unless she is kissed by her true love. In other words, failing to recognize one of these facts would sho

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