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Critically evaluate your understanding of one key concept (Essay Sample)

Critically evaluate your understanding of one key concept from the list below as it relates to the implementation of technology education in the secondary school. In your answer draw on policy statements and syllabus documents from international, national and state sources. This understanding should be grounded through the identification of specific syllabus outcomes. Within the nominated syllabus clarify the area of study or focus areas of design from your choice from the NSW Department of Education and Training (DET), Board of Studies, secondary syllabi. Illustrate the relevance of your selected concept by using specific content from support documents or school programs. Please select from the list of concepts below: Educational Technology, Design Thinking, Differentiated Classroom, Thinking Dispositions, Values & Ethical Behaviour in Design, Sustainable Technology, Creative Dispositions, Innovation, Cultural Context, Authentic Learning, Key Competencies, Life Skills, Situated Learning, Design Specialisations as defined within the Stage 4 or 5 technology. please read the files has uploaded "syllabus and assignment two" to help you and get it ideas from it. Also, please i want to make outline for the essay and send to me because it is required to discuss it with the teacher asap. source..

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Educational technology is the use of hardware and software resources to facilitate the learning programs and application of ethical practice in the learning process (Dore, 2010). A syllabus that supports the use of technology in an academic institution provides for implementation of various computer systems that are customized to meet the education needs of students and staff. The NSW Department of Education and Training (DET) Board of Studies secondary syllabi are developed under a K-10 Curriculum framework. This curriculum addresses relevant information and communication technology (ICT) skills and applications that should be provided to students within years 7-10 (Board of Studies NSW, 2003). The ICT skills and applications provided within the K-10 Curriculum will be the area of focus of this essay which gives a critical analysis of Education Technology as provided by various syllabi within and outside Australia.
The applications and skills that have been addressed by the K-10 Curriculum include databases, word-processing, multimedia presentations, spreadsheets, graphics, hardware and software management, electronic communication and research. The application of educational technology in schools must provide a syllabus that enables the students to apply software application packages within the various subjects that they undertake in during the course of their academic programs (Pratt, 2000). As a result the K-10 curriculum framework provides for a Software Technology Years 7-10 syllabus that helps students to learn on the application of various software packages. The packages are to be applied by the students during their studies and prepare them for practical application of the skills in tertiary education and later during their work experiences. Notable is the elimination of the hardware part of a computer technology or system from the software technology or syllabus. Since software acts to support hardware in order to make a computer system to function, the software technology syllabus should provide for learning of basic hardware applications and management by the students. The learning process of computer system should integrate both hardware and software because of the interrelatedness of these two major aspects of computing technology and its application in the learning process (Raymond, 2000).
The K-10m framework includes hardware and software management modules within the curriculum. This would provide an opportunity for the secondary school students to learn the management of the various components of computer hardware such as processor, memory and their importance in the learning process. The system and application software management as provided by the K-10 curriculum will enhance the understanding of their use within computing environments. There are a wide range of software applications that students should be aware of and therefore a curriculu...
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