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Training Concepts: Adult Learning & Professional Training (Essay Sample)


People spend much of their childhood in a classroom. This experience shapes the way they do things throughout their adult lives. The time people spend in the classroom impacts the way adults view the learning process. Many people think the classroom style of learning is the most effective way to learn. This line of thought is exemplified by the methods used in many employee training programs. Training professionals need to understand how adults learn in order for them to design and deliver effective training programs.
Write a paper with a minimum of five paragraphs, 80 to 150 words per paragraph. Gather information from Internet sources and library sources. Address the assignment explained below. Your paper must have an introductory paragraph that tells what the paper is about and a concluding paragraph restating your purpose and bringing the report to a close. You must have at least one major paragraph outlining your main points.
Describe the concept of adult learning theory and discuss how it influences employee training. Identify what you would change in the following case to make the training more effective by applying adult learning theory:
The Human Resources Director began the training session by announcing the objective of the course. He said, “I will explain how the new payroll system works and how I usually troubleshoot problems during a payroll week.” The Human Resources Director then darkened the room and proceeded to show a series of computer-generated slides that outlined the lecture.
The participants were given handouts that showed six slides per page where they could make their own notes. The participants were told to hold their questions and comments until the end of the session. Type your submission, double-spaced, in a standard print font, size 12. Use a standard document format with 1-inch margins. (Do not use any fancy or cursive fonts. Use as many or as little sources as needed.


Training Concepts
Institutional Affiliation
Training Concepts
Adult learning theory postulates that adults learn differently as compared with children. The theory, which was developed by Malcom Knowles, holds that adults are self-directed, ready to learn and internally motivated. In line with this, adults are able to direct their own learning, have many experiences to borrow from when as they learn, are ready and more serious about learning, are internally motivated and their learning is based on practical reasons (Rutgers, n.d) This paper describes the concept of adult learning and its influence on professional training.
Based on adult learning theory, professional trainers should allow adult learners an opportunity to direct the learning process and choose the learning content the latter, which, should be related to their profession (Taylor & Hamdy, 2013) Learning in this case should focus on adding to lessons learnt in past experiences. More importantly, the learning process should focus on problem solving as opposed to memorization of content. The trainer should however be able to offer guidance whenever needed.
During employees' training, the trainer should endeavor to appeal to the professional goals of the trainees. More importantly, a professional trainer should engage the learner(s) in developing the goals of the training session (Merriam &

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