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The Burning Candle Experiment (Essay Sample)

Let's apply the scientific method to the following scenario “I have a lit candle that I put under sealed glass in a dark room by itself. I come back in a few minutes and the flame has died. I immediately assume that the flame died because it was all alone (it was alive and died of loneliness)." Using the scientific method, design a scenario (from question-experiment-results-conclusion) to test my assumption of death by loneliness.” source..
The Burning Candle Experiment Name: Institution: When a candle is lit and put under a glass then left in a dark room, after some time alone in the room the candle goes out. Hypothetically the candle could have gone out since it was lonely. Left in a dark room all by itself the candle dies, which would be argued that it died from being lonely having been put under the glass and then left alone in a dark room. Hypothesis When a candle is put under a sealed glass and then left in a dark room, the flame dies from loneliness. Experiment The materials will include One candle stick One clear glass jar (cylindrical with one open end) A match box The first procedure will include lighting the candle stick using the matchbox, then placing the jar over the candle and switching the lights off and leaving the candle alone in the room (Knill, 2006). After two minutes the candle the room will be opened and the lights turned on, then the results will be recorded. The second experiment will be, lighting the candle stick, covering it with the jar and the lights are onand this time the candle is not left alone in the room for the two minutes. Results and Discussion In the two different scenarios the candle’s flame goes out after one minute. There is no time disparity between the two experiments as the candle goes out in the first minute (Knill, 2006). There was no disparity either between the scenario where the candle was left alone in the room and when there was someone in the room with the candle, since in both experiments the candle still went off. Conclusion From the re...
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