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Position Paper. Technological Resources in Early Childhood Education Classrooms (Essay Sample)


Prompt from Instructor:
Step #1: Research and explore technological resources available to use in Early Childhood Education classrooms.
Step #2: Discuss the pros and cons of using technological resources for developmental appropriateness, cultural sensitivity, and accessibility to children with special needs.
Step #3: After your review of the resources, write a 4 page to 5 page paper in APA format, with citations and references, on your stance (position) on this issue.
Step #4: Please use this article below as part of your research and incorporate it into your paper and make sure to cite it in your reference page:
Rideout, V. & Kats, V. (2016, Winter). Opportunity for all? Technology and learning in lower-income families. Retrieved from http://www(dot)joanganzcooneycenter(dot)org/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/jgcc_opportunityforall.pdf
Note: You can also use 2 other sources if you want but make sure to cite them in your reference page.
Here's how you can breakdown your paper by focusing paragraphs on each of the following:
First, locate and pick one technology resource to be used in a early childhood education classroom. For example, you could think of apps that children can use in a classroom but don't choose the "" app as that was my example so pick something else.
Second, tell us about the technology resource.
Third, describe the resource.
Fourth, tell us about the the pro and cons of using technological resources for developmental appropriateness, cultural sensitivity, and accessibility to children with special needs.
Finally, what is your position. Are for it? or against it? and why.
Position Paper Guidelines:
Your Position Paper must be a minimum of 4 full pages to 5 pages in APA format with Times New Roman Font Size 12 with 1 inch margins all around.
Include a reference page with your sources one of which is the article I mentioned earlier in the prompt.
Notes from me the student to the Essayzoo writer:
Our professor gave out a handout about the Education Development Center with information, therefore I took a screenshot of the form and I uploaded to you to see and read it just in case it helps.
Thank you for your time.


Technological Resources in Early Childhood Education Classrooms
Students Name
Technological Resources in Early Childhood Education Classrooms
Technology plays a crucial role in the learning and development process of a children. Through the application of technology teachers usually have access to innovative and improved teaching techniques which helps them to be able to access and develop an active learning environment for the kids. Currently kids are crazy for technology thus it is important that early learners are provided with time to play, create and also apply imaginations. There are many childhood education types of research. Children have different mind and thus they learn differently. In this case teacher can engage the various theories and methods of education in the class room. Among the popular methods I choose ABCya! Tool (Hendy-Ekers, 2016). ABCya is an app that provide over 400 fun and educational games for the children who are in early childhood educational program. 

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