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Strategies for all Students Education Essay Research (Essay Sample)


Researching theories of child and early adolescent development and then developing instruction based on research-based best practices is crucial for the success of the students and the teacher. As an educator, your goal will be to consider the students’ cognitive development and contextual factors when planning for instruction. Practical application improves the teacher’s ability to recognize student strengths and weaknesses as well as the students’ readiness and motivation to learn.
For this assignment, complete the "Strategies for all Students" template.
Part 1: Developing Strategies
For each student, write a 150-200 word response that includes:
A learning theory that applies specifically to each student’s unique cognitive, linguistic, social-emotional, and physical developmental needs.
One developmentally appropriate instruction strategy you would recommend to assist the student, taking into account the students’ individual strengths, interests, differences and needs. Consider cognitive development and abilities, as well as contextual factors (e.g., language and culture) when developing the strategies.
Your plan to modify instruction to meet this student’s specific needs.
Strategies to incorporate accommodations for students with exceptionalities in assessments and testing conditions.
Part 2: Reflection
In 250-500 words, write a reflection that addresses the following:
The importance of understanding cognitive, linguistic, social-emotional, and physical development of children when designing and modifying instruction.
The steps you can take to ensure you are creating developmentally appropriate instruction that takes into account individual students’ strengths, interests, differences, and needs, using instructional strategies that promote students’ learning and individual development, acquisition of knowledge, and motivation .
Support your assignment with a minimum of 3 scholarly resources.


Strategies for All Students
Scenario 1 Student A
Cognitive constructivism seems to be the appropriate teaching theory that suits Randi. Considering that Randi is in a completely new environment and the teaching language happens not to be her indigenous one, she needs a strategy that will help her assimilate further information to her existing knowledge. Furthermore, cognitive constructivism shall also help Randi modify her intellectual framework to accommodate the new information (Reigeluth, 2013). In terms of the instruction strategy, differentiation form of instruction strategy will likely suit Randi to ensure that she is not left behind (Swain, 2013). Differentiation will mean that Randi shall be instructed differently from the rest of the lass and, when possible, assisted even with reading the story and trying to explain to her what the story implies to aid her in understanding the characters better. For instance, to ensure that she is not left behind while reading because of her slow reading nature, assisting her with the same and explaining to her will help her understand the story in a language that she is not well conversant with.

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