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State of Used Cars in the US (Essay Sample)

Used-car prices are increasing in the United States due to recession cutbacks that decreased production of U.S. made cars, and aggravated by expectations of a shortage of Japanese made cars and auto parts this year. Examine these events and write a short paper discussing the following: -What might be the effect of the prices of used cars on the demand for new cars?. -What is the effect of the high price of gasoline on the demand for new cars?. -What factors are causing the decrease in the supply of used cars?. -What factors are causing the increase in demand for used cars?. Compose your paper in 1–2 pages, double spaced, with 1-inch margins. Include at least one resource in addition to the textbook. Be sure to cite appropriately and include a reference page for all resources used. Compose your work in a separate Word document and proofread it for spelling and grammar before submitting. source..
State of Used Cars in the US Name of student Name of institution Name of instructor Course Date due State of Used Cars in the US The recent recession seemed to have affected the US auto industry, until now when the market is recovering. The recession, which subsided in 2009, affected many industries, including automobile manufacture in the US. This meltdown was so bad that it almost finished major car manufacturers in the US. (Charger, 2013) The major car automobile companies in the US, otherwise known as the Detroit Three, are Ford, General Motors and Chrysler. As 2013 progresses, some factors in the car industry might affect how the industry plays out in the United States, as this essay will highlight. On top of the list of these factors is the price of used cars. Used vehicles currently dominate the recovery from the recession in the American automotive industry, if the prices of such vehicles are anything to go by. According to McAlinden S.P., the US automotive market has posted three consecutive years of double digit improvement in percentage (2012). In other words, Americans have bought more cars than they did during the recession, and this was expected. The mo...
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