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Special Education Nondiscriminatory Evaluation Reflection Paper (Essay Sample)


Write an essay addressing each of the following questions:
What is bias, and how is it evidenced in public schools?
Why is nondiscriminatory evaluation essential to the mandate of a free appropriate public education?
What are the legislative components essential for the provision of a nondiscriminatory evaluation?
Because parents are given the right to have independent educational evaluations (IEEs) performed under IDEA, under what circumstances are school districts required to pay for an IEE?
Under what circumstances can students receiving special education services be required to pass a minimum competency test in order to receive a high school diploma?
What are IDEA requirements for students with disabilities to participate in state- and district wide assessment programs, and
why is the inclusion of students with disabilities in such assessment programs important?


Special Education Nondiscriminatory Evaluation reflection Paper
Special Education Nondiscriminatory Evaluation reflection Paper
1 Bias in Public Schools
A bias is an unfair judgment against a person or a group of people, event or a situation. This could be done intentionally or unconsciously in the education sector, the media, in health practice and many other places. Education bias happens when there is a prejudice against a group of students within an education setting through acts of physical violence, harassment, due to their gender, race, economic status or cultural one. The school environment is influenced by the many demands of the public education system. The teachers should be equipped properly to address children’s needs without victimization of vulnerability adequately. Mutual respect and dignity should be upheld among teachers, students, and administrators. Gender-based bias is one gender is given preferential treatment at the expense of the other. All students should be treated equally and given equal educational opportunities. Most complainants allege bias against boys from the teachers as they tend to be easier on the girls while directing criticism towards the boys (Tate, 2008). This is a good example of gender bias. Cultural or ethnic bias is rampant within education institutions. The teachers should provide supportive learning environments for all students, regardless of their cultural background.
2 Importance of nondiscriminatory evaluation in public education
The practice of nondiscriminatory assessment is a good model for students with diverse cultural backgrounds especially those with disabilities. There should be standardized tests for learners who are linguistically, culturally and ethnically diverse (Joseph, 2006). Such tests are used exclusively i

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