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Similarity and Differences between Social Workers and School Counselors (Essay Sample)


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Describe what a school counselor and a school social worker is and what types of services they provide. Provide a specific example to explain how they both may help a child with a medical condition who is returning to school after a 3-month hospital stay (identity which medical condition the child has in your example). Discuss the similarities and differences of these two types of professionals.
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School Counselor Vs Social Worker
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Similarity and Differences between Social Workers and School Counselors
The work of a school counselor is more aligned with the school program and the objectives of the learning institution. The counselor works hand in hand with the management to help students achieve academic goals. While a social worker’s primary focus may be counselling, they are also involved in helping students develop life skills and social skills. On the other hand, a social worker is more involved in helping the student navigate issues that take place outside the school. Students with family problems or have suffered physical or emotional support are best addressed by a social worker. Social workers help students to have a healthy life outside the school which in turn also helps their academics. The main similarity between a social worker and a school counselor is that they work with school-going children. 

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