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Reflection Paper About Learning Theories (Essay Sample)


Please write a reflective paper about Learning Theories to articulate the student's learning in this study. you have already completed 2 research papers about this subject, please provide a reflection paper about it too.


Reflection on Learning Theories
Student's Name
Reflection on Learning Theories
After completing my research, I have comprehended that the manner that people learn is the basis of informed teaching, however, it has become highly challenging for teachers to articulate and effectively use learning theories in their teaching practices. Therefore all educators must be well informed concerning every learning theory (Gray, & MacBlain, 2015). I discovered that teachers must be familiar with numerous learning theories and also should have the ability to critique these theories in a manner that will enable the application of numerous ideas from a single theory with the best ideas from other theories (Irby, Brown, LaraAiecio, & Jackson, 2013). From such an application, this provides the entire spectrum of teaching a real depth and also assists an educator in avoiding common pitfalls that may emerge from wrongfully applying a theory due to superficial understanding.
From my research regarding cognitive theory, I discovered that since children develop differently depending on their age, the educator must consider this factor in their teaching through the use of visual teaching aids for small children. Also, this theory is highly practical since it involves a cause and effect principle which provides learners with the ability to become critical thinkers and also, highly effective at solving problems (Doosti Irani, Abolhasani, & Haghani, 2012).When learning theories are applied effectively, the student can develop a coherent and proper sense of their beliefs that concerns learning and also, the various theories associated with the educational process. Also, these learning theories allow the students to become flexible in the manner that they comprehend the mode of teaching by the educator while applying other learning perspectives.
I comprehend the fact that learning theor

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