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Shaping the Way We Teach English: Module 04, Pair and Group Work (Essay Sample)


I have to write a reflection about this video considering the instruction http://www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?v=woNZzjJL9bQ Think about your future class/classes and reflect on how you could use some of the activities and techniques you observed in the video to: - Encourage collaborative thinking and writing. - Motivate students. - REview lesson content( Stories, Characters, Vocabulary) in enjoyable way - Provide opportunities for authentic communication -create an active, interesting classroom. Please follow the instruction below.


Reflection on Module 4: Shaping the Way We Teach English: Module 04, Pair and Group Work

Learning should take into account the learning styles of different students, and working in pairs and groups helps students and teachers to understand what best suits students. Using pairs and groups in learning is likely to enhance collaborative thinking and writing, as well as accommodate different learning styles than when students learn alone. However, it is essential to outline the lesson plan before working on group work, as this provides a snap shot of what is to be achieved among the groups. Using pair and groups in learning could first focus on working in groups and then teaming up in other teams when analyzing written material. This is likely to accommodate the input of different groups.
Motivating students in the learning process is an important factor that may determine comprehension and retention of information. Consequently, motivating students involves putting in place a reward system that seeks to recognize their efforts. One of the strategies to motivate students is through rewards is on question and answers session that encourages the students to share their ideas and understanding about what they have learned. By randomly dividing the students into groups this gives all the students in a group the opportunity to contribute to class work through social learning. Group work typically involves collaboration and cooperation, and hence being involved in teamwork motivates groups as a whole, as each member would have contributed in one way or another.
However, formin...
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