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Reflection on Mind Map (Essay Sample)

I need to write a reflection about my mind map that i presented it in class. I'll attach the instructions. Everything is mentioned in the instructions, for the competency i have to choose number 8 and reflect on because its related to the course. and I'm going to attach an image of my mind map. source..

Title: Reflection on mind map

Childhood obesity is a growing public health concern, and increased advertisement of junk foods has targeted children more aggressively. It is the moral duty of teachers, parents and the community to tackle this problem in order to reduce the risk of lifestyle diseases. The assignment follows an observation that third graders are increasingly gaining weight, and have less attention span in the classroom in comparison to the beginning of the year. A look into the children’s eating habits reveals that they are consuming more junk food.
Thesis statement
This assignment also reflects on the benefits of proper eating habits and role of mind mapping in teaching and learning.
Changing the dietary habits of the school children is a top priority as it has many benefits for both children and the school. Since there is decreased concentration levels among the children, then it follow that changing their eating habits would have a positive role in the classroom. The eating habits should be a long term thing and the school is an agent of socialization that is likely to have a have a long lasting impact on their health situation. In other words, maintain proper diets allows the children to have better concentration, which then leads to better grades for them. At the same time, it has the effect of allowing schools to better utilize resources, as teachers are able to manage students with less time and resources.
Even though, children might be aware of the less nutritional value present in junk food, it takes the initiative of teachers, parents, school and the community to influence their eating. Hence, this assignment has taught me that it is necessary to focus on all stakeholders as this is most likely going to bring a long lasting solution to the problem of child obesity. This notion is based on the observation that children typically do what seems like the norm, and serving junk food at the cafeteria is not frowned upon. Thus, the blame lays squarely on the shoulders of various parties involved in the children’s life. Equally, parents may not have the knowledge on food nutrition, but insisting on less consumption of junk food then they can make a difference.
Mind mapping is an important concept in teaching and learning as it helps students to brainstorm on concepts, ideas or problems and their possible solutions. I also came to the conclusion that the technique helps to link relationships on ideas and concepts, and hence helps to facilitate comprehension of various scenarios under study. Furthermore, it is easier for students and teachers to explore and communicate ideas through focusing on the most highlighted thoughts that support the main idea. Because students actively participate during mind mapping they are likely to recall information better than when they do not actively participate. Ultimately, the technique helped studen...
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