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Reflection Essay (Essay Sample)


reflection essay,
please write the reflection essay about an improvement 
in writing.
introduction: start with hook, then forecast, then thesis statement that introduce the next two parts.
body paragraphs:
in two parts.
first part, after the introduction, talks about essay#2( in the additional files) that was in the english class that had mistakes in the thesis and analysis. I have not revised it yet, so please create a context that compare before and after( your editing) it revised. please make it to show how the writing improved, and talk as that because of the hardworking in the class' workshops and the professor comments.( write it in several paragraphs).
the second part, talks about how my writing improved during my last 4 months in the class. that by go to the tutoring zone in the college ( you can make fake stories). also how I used the internet to learn how to write the essays organized, and how to write a reflection essay.
conclusion: restate the thesis, the summarize the essay.
please read the example version document it might help you in the essay style (in the additional files) 

Reflection Essay
Course title:
Reflection Essay
The Frankenstein play that I watched recently was told from the viewpoint of the monster and it follows the story in the book much more than I had expected. The theatre production effectively hits the main points and brings the themes that are present in the novel to the next level, but examining dissimilar facets of those themes. I totally adored Brett Gibbs’ adaptation – Brett Gibbs was the director – of Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein novel, and was completely enraptured by the actresses and actors. The new thesis statement for this second, revised essay is: “The Frankenstein play was very exhilarating both in terms of the sound effects and the stage performance of the actors and actresses. A brilliant play, the theatre production was very true to Shelley’s novel and awe-inspiring to the audience.”
I did not write the thesis of my first essay properly and in a way that would allow the reader to tell what would come in the essay. A good thesis statement should introduce everything that will come in the essay, but my first essay did not really accomplish this. This was a big mistake since it left the reader guessing what really is covered in the essay. My previous thesis statement was: “I really enjoyed that play in the way that it was presented, especially in how the workers on the play used the sound effects.” This thesis statement not only did it fail to introduce everything that will come in the essay, but it was also somewhat senseless. This thesis statement of my first essay also made the body of the essay to concentrate largely on one aspect of the stage performance; that is, how exciting the play was – leaving out other vital facets of the play, for instance how it stuck with the story in the novel written by Mary Shelly and how it actually captured the themes presented in the book.
The new thesis for the revised essay effectively introduces the reader to what is covered throughout the essay. After reading the statement, the reader will quickly realize that the essay focuses on how captivating the play was in relation to stage performance and sound effects as directed by Brett Gibbs; how the audience enjoyed watching it; and equally important, how the play stuck to the original Frankenstein novel that was written by Mary Shelly. Other than the not-so-good thesis statement of the first essay, my first essay also lacked a proper, acceptable analysis of the Frankenstein theatre production. I did not provide an in-depth and comprehensive analysis of the play, including a description of the themes and the message being conveyed by the theatre production. This is rather unacceptable for a student of my caliber who seeks to pass highly in this unit and get a good grade. For instance, in the body of my first essay I stated that: &...
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