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Week 4 Reading Fluency Activity Education Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Please look at the attachment for instructions.


Week 4 - Discussion: Fluency
Reading fluency instruction has often been neglected in reading programs. The National Reading Panel reported that there should be an emphasis on reading fluency in reading instruction (Reutzei & Cooter, 2015, National Reading Panel, 2000).
Respond to the following prompts, in 350-words or more, in the Fluency discussion forum by Wednesday:
Explain why the following fluency terms are important in reading:
gjj H Rate
o Accuracy o Prosody
What is the difference between less fluent readers and more fluent readers?
What would you see a less fluent and more fluent reader doing while they read? How does it affect their reading?
Include citations and full references from two different sources in your response.


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The reading rate is essential in fluency because it plays a huge role in determining how fluent a person can read as well as an understanding of the text. This rate refers to the number of words that an individual can read in one minute (Stevens, Walker & Vaughn, 2017). The rate can be defined as atomicity and therefore, if the reading is automatic, then the rate tends to be high. A high rate of reading is an indication that the reader is more fluent as compared to a low rate of reading.
Accuracy in terms of fluency is the ability of the reader to read a text without making mistakes. Hence, in a case whereby the reader keeps on making mistakes, then their reading turns out to be less fluent. Accuracy enables a reader to understand the meaning of a text since they are able to read the correct words.
Prosody plays a role in fluency by conveying the meaning of the text when reading aloud (Schwanenflugel & Benjamin, 2017). Dysfluent readers tend to use less expression and read word by word instead of re

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