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public administration (Essay Sample)

For this peer forum you are encouraged to discuss one of the most fundamental elements of public administration: the interface between the public service and elected government. This relationship is the source of much of the controversy and difficulty in public administration. It is the basis for the following problems: Who is responsible for deciding what is done within the public service? Under what conditions can the rules be bent or bypassed? If something goes wrong, who is responsible? When there is a problem, whom can we ask for information about the cause of the difficulty or mistake? There are many aspects of this topic you could discuss, but you should start with the following questions: What do you understand by the politics-administration dichotomy, and why is it central to the Westminster model of government? Furthermore, why is it necessary for the public service to have some autonomy from the elected government, and how do we reconcile this with the idea that public servants should be loyal to the government of the day? source..
Public Administration Name: Course: Tutor: Date: Public Administration The correlation between the political and the administrative arms of Government has over time been an issue of great contention, especially during an election period. It even becomes worse when a Government has served for a long period of terms. Here, accusations of extreme responsiveness, ‘cowed’ public service, and politicization tend to increase with regard to political cycles. In this regard, incoming Governments are apprehensive of the public service system they inherit. Consequently, longstanding Governments are perceived to have compromised both the professional and the apolitical standing of the public service by successively ensuring responsiveness in the sector. With regard to the election climate, the above alluded suspicions tend to acquire a superior political profile, and the customary bureaucratic response from the public service is to shut down and obey the incoming Governance traits. Based upon these reasons, this writing will establish the interface between the public service and the elected government. Politics-administration dichotomy refers to the existence of a paradoxical and elite relationship between administrative processes political policies (Rabin & Bowman, 1984). It entails that; administrative decisions ought to be made without any political influence. This aspect is central to the Westminster model of Government by virtue of dual nature. First and foremost, Westminster mode...
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