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Public Administration in Canadian government (Essay Sample)

Please answer question number 1 and question number 2 in TWO SEPERATE paragraphs: Question number 1:You should kick off the forum this week with a couple of sets of questions. Firstly, what is a central department (or agency) and how does it differ from a line department? Why, in Canada, do we organize the public service into central and line departments ?Secondly, I want you to link this week's topic to last week¡¯s discussion about the relationship between politicians and the public service. Last week, we addressed the arrangement in a typical operating department, working along the lines of the classic Westminster model of responsible government. This week, things have become much more complicated in terms of the relationship between government and the public service. Now, we are considering many different kinds of relationship ¨C crown corporation, special operating agency, central agency, and so on. Why do we have so many different kinds of relationship between government and public service organizations? Why not just use one model? Two Links of Interest http://canada(dot)gc(dot)ca/aboutgov-ausujetgouv/menu-eng.html http://www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?v=ksYSCWpFKBo Question number 2:Given the respective roles of the executive, the legialature and the bureaucracy, and considering the varied and complex structures of government at all levels, how can public servants play an effective role in managing inter-governmental relations? Draw on your learning, experience and own ideas here, as well as the text book, suggested readings and other sources, and comment on the importance of public administration in managing inter-governmental issues. source..

Public Administration
Public administration
The Canadian government implements central agency and line agency strategy to coordinate its activities (Hickey, 1996). Central agency collaborates with all government departments to provide services and recommendations to the top management so as to ensure consistence in policies formulation and implementation. In contrast, line agency incorporates direct mandate and authority in their procedures to Canadians.
There are several departments in the government like; health, transport, housing, water and sanitation among others. Therefore, the government functions necessitate provision of a leeway to finance the projects. Consequently, the above strategy enhances accountability and quality services. Accountability facilitates proficient use of resources in the country thus a country increases its assurance of the transnational financial markets. Likewise, quality governance enhances ways to curb corruption. Subsequently, this primarily enhances comprehensive economy thus growth of the Canadian government. For this reason, it is rationale for the Canadian government to integrate central and line model of governance to plan, coordinate and contrivance its policies proficiently.
Question 2
The government contains different and complex structures controlled with state officers like civil...
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