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Progressive Education Education Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


Progressive Education
Find a sentence in John Dewey that interested you --perhaps because it made so much sense, was so difficult to understand, emphasized well your philosophy of education, connected to a memory, articulated a belief you hold, was so well written, was something you disagree with, etc. Write down the quotation and in one paragraph, tell me why Dewey's writing was important for you. (250 words max!)
hi, don't use any fancy and complicate words, just write in normal, don't use any fancy sentence. thanks
below is the link of reading John Dewey paragraph


Progressive Education
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Progressive Education
John Dewey’s “Experience & Education” is very informative on how learners obtain relevant knowledge from educators. Indeed, the author discusses progressive and traditional education systems. In chapter one, Traditional vs Progressive Education, Dewey says that “Books, especially textbooks, are the chief representatives of the lore and wisdom of the past, while teachers are the organs through which pupils rue brought into effective connection with the material” (Dewey, 1938). The above sentence is straightforward and makes sense for those who understand the significance of books and teachers in the learning process. In particular, books are essential materials that contain knowledge, which is documented by experts or well-informed individuals in specific fields. As such, the

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