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proactive system for handling Classroom disruptions (Essay Sample)

Describe your proactive system for handling Classroom disruptions that could take away from academic instructional time (For example – Student Tardiness, Sharpening pencils etc.) source..
PROACTIVE SYSTEM OF HANDLING CLASSROOM DISRUPTIONS Name Institution affiliation Course Date of Submission PROACTIVE SYSTEM OF HANDLING CLASSROOM DISRUPTIONS Instructors have a need to foster and maintain a respectful, civil, productive and stimulating learning environment. The instructor needs to play a proactive role in taking the appropriate measures for curtailing disruptive behavior and do so in a way that is calm modeling the effective communication skills. At the onset, the instructor need to communicate their expectations clearly and this should be done at the beginning of the term. The instructor is is the one tasked with the role of managing the classroom environment and so it is important to indicate to the students at the earliest opportunity that there will be no tolerance to behavior that constitute disruption; and go ahead and outline such. It is important for the instructor to address a disruptive behavior before it escalates, because ones it catches on, eradicating it will be a challenge (Harris and Goldberg, 2013). Some behaviors such as pencil sharpening may be more of destructing that disruptive and some students may engage in them innocently, unaware that such behavior is distractive. It is important to have a time designated for such most preferably before the lesson commences. It may sound a low level disruption and the students may not realize its effects, so address the entire class as opposed to singling out a student who is engaging in it. The best way to go about it is to have the class attentive and then calmly indicate the problem, and tell the students that the class would not go on until such the behavior stops (Walker, 1995). For the low level disruptions, the instructor needs to refrain from excessive response, and keep on teaching. It can be easily corrected by mentioning the students name in your e...
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