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Private Lobbyist Firms (Essay Sample)

please write me a paper the showcases an in depth analysis of private lobbyist firms the lobby for policy making, please explain how they work with government officials such as state assembly men, senators and administrators, an example of a private lobbyist is jack stewart of california manufacturers and technology association whom i want you to mention in this paper. please use the following sources as well as providing some of your own: 1-Dan Walters & Jay Michael, The Third House.The California Sate 2-Secretary of State web page has listing of lobbyists and individual campaigns. please provide a paper structure as i have to submit it to my professor prior submitting the final draft of the paper. source..

Private Lobbyist Firms
Lobbying is an act whereby the decisions made by the legislators, government officials or regulatory agencies members, are influenced. Numerous distinguished organized groups and people, as well as persons in corporations, private sector, advocacy groups, fellow government officials or legislators perform the lobbying practice. The people, who are lobbyists professionally, are the kind whose business attempts to impact legislation in place of an individual or a group, which wires them. The nonprofit organizations and individuals may as well lobby by means of volunteering or as a portion of their usual job. In many occasions, governments regulate and define lobbying of the organized group that has emerged as quite influential. The private lobbyist firms bear the duty of convincing the members of congress to either defeat or pass legislation. The lobbyist work for labor unions, agencies of executive branch, business corporations, public or private interest groups, foreign government among others (Benette, 2013). The private lobbyist firms work around the clock in the corridors and the lobbies that surround the Senate chamber and the House, intercepting members as well as arguing the case of their client. Moreover, the private lobbyists work with various government officials such as senators, state assembly members and administrators.
Lobbyists therefore, are often lawyers who mediate between the lawmakers and client organizations. Their duty is to explain to legislators the requirements of their organizations, as well as the obstacles faced by the elected officials to their clients. In short, the lobbyists perform a duty of persuading the legislators to approve legislation that will assist the employer of the lobbyist. Most private lobbyist retain clients from outside the lobbying, while others work for trade associations, advocacy groups, local governments, state and companies. In some cases lobbyists may be retired governors, Senators or other government official who offer their services privately rather than stay idle. They combine diverse coalitions of people and organizations, sometimes entailing corporations and lawmakers, thus the entire process being considered a lobby. There has been numerous numbers of upcoming lobbyists especially in Washington where a past record showed that the registered lobbyist were around twelve thousand. However, an issue hindered the new lobbyists from establishing themselves. It is said that Washington bears great barriers to entry because the firms wishing to enter into lobbying business since they are required to be established in a long time and be familiar to the halls of congress (Harris & Fleisher, 2005).
Lobbyists are known to be knowledgeable about the whole process of legislation and are aware of the decision makers in relation to congressional Members and staff of Congress. They as well offer a hand in presentation and preparation of in...
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