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Critical issues in preschool education in Malaysia (Essay Sample)


1. Why does preschool matter/aims of the study/sample /and how the data was collected. ( 1 page)
2. Result of the study. (3pages)
3. Opinion of the author on the results/ what were the conclusions made by the author. (1page)
4. Reflection. State briefly how the findings of the study relate to yourself/ express your own opinion. (1page)


Critical Issues in Preschool Education in Malaysia
Student’s Name
Institutional Affiliation
Critical Issues in Preschool Education in Malaysia
Why preschool matters/Aims/Sample/Data Collection
In Malaysia, cultural diversity and ethnic composition of the population are some of the major factors that shape education policies. The education system has been transformed to ensure that preschool learners are able to achieve a high-quality education that improves their learning and development. Recent statistics indicate that preschool classes in Malaysia that are run by the government total to 15,627 while those run by government agencies are 17,899. The average size of each class is 23 children while the teacher to student ratio is 1 to 24. Numerous efforts have been placed by the government to transform the country’s education system and they have directly and indirectly impacted on the preschool education. Furthermore, the recent efforts of improving the education system have also transformed the early education system. This paper critically analyses the issues and challenges facing the Malaysian preschool education system and recommends various strategies of improving quality.
To address the critical issues associated with preschool education, it is important to examine why improved quality of this education level is important. Scholars have found that the experiences which children have from an early age play an instrumental in shaping their progress in the future. Evidence indicates that 60% of Malaysian preschool children aged six years and below attend early childhood education. 

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