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Preschool Dramatic Play Area (Essay Sample)

Hello, I have already designed my Preschool Dramatic play area. What I need is: Write a 500-word essay (minimum) about your learning center design. Include the following points in your essay: ■ Which center you chose to develop and why ■ What items are included and why they are included ■ How materials are displayed ■ How materials are stored ■ Your plan for changing and updating learning materials in the center My plan for changing and updating can be any theme, such as camping, beach, icecream shop, grocery store, etc. source..
Preschool Dramatic Play Area
Course title:
Preschool Dramatic Play Area
■ Which center you chose to develop and why
Learning centers help preschoolers become more imaginative since they provide interesting materials used for learning themes and skills. I chose to develop a dramatic play area that centers on the theme of a restaurant. This is because it reinforces cognitive, social as well as physical skills that are appropriate for preschool children. It does this by providing a child with an opportunity to practice social skills and increase his or her social awareness. It is also a good situation to teach teamwork, cooperation, empathy and respect for other class members. Additionally, it facilitates self-expression, role-playing and an increase in imagination and creativity. Children will also learn about conflict resolution, problem solving, and vocabulary development, communication and life skills, and understand experiences through role-playing. Finally, the center will enable children to learn about their environment and community at large.
■ What items are included and why they are included
The center is primarily used for role-playing and will have a variety of items so that the children can be creative. Both commercial and teacher-made materials are included. The dramatic play center with the theme of a restaurant includes items such as paper plates and cups, aprons, vase with faux flowers, plastic silverware, plastic fake food, and trays for serving, toy cash register and play money. Children will be invited to cut pictures of food from newspapers or magazines then glue them on a large sheet of construction paper to res...
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