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Personal Responsibility (Essay Sample)

Need to write a Approx 700-800 word Personal Responsibility Essay that includes the following: - Define what personal responsibility means to you. - Explain the relationship between personal responsibility and college success. - Include a preliminary plan to practice personal responsibility in your education. source..
Personal Responsibility and College SuccessStudents Name: School Name: Personal Responsibility and College Success The free will to think and anticipate makes a person have expectations in life. Some people accomplish or achieve their goals while others do not. But, the key thing is that, in life everyone has got goals they hope to accomplish (Len Wilson, 2012).According to me, personal responsibility means understanding my deficits, additionally it includes being aware of what I am committed to do as well as being aware what I should do in order to achieve what I want. This will assist me understand better ways to explore and being focused on my main goal. Generally for a student, there is one resource that is very abundant. It is as abundant as the oxygen we breathe. This resource is time. For a person to achieve their goals they have to understand how to manage their time properly. Furthermore, I have to be able to understand how to best cope with the pressure that comes with studies. The various deadlines that have to be met may increase my stress levels. Lack of proper management of stress levels can lead to deterioration of my overall learning process. The different activities in school which help in producing an all-round individual should not be ignored. Therefore I have to learn to structure my time properly to capitalize on this rare opportunity. Dave (2011) says that time is an equal opportunity resource. This is very true. Everyone across the globe has got the same amount of time to spend. Time makes us all equal. The richest person and the poorest person each have got the same amount of time to spend. The difference on how their time guarantees the outco...
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