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Culminating Paper and Personal Philosophy of Early Childhood Education (Essay Sample)


Culminating Paper and Personal Philosophy of Early Childhood Education
This final assignment will allow you to bring together the major HISTORICAL and PHILOSOPHICAL themes and IDEAs from the course in a discussion of the CHILD, FAMILY, COMMUNITY, and ENVIRONMENT in early years learning, and foundations for learning (belonging, well-­being, engagement, and expression). Four foundations: http://www(dot)edu(dot)gov(dot)on(dot)ca/childcare/howlearninghappens.pdf
You will draw from the theoretical understandings that resonate with you and your current practice as well as those that you will embrace in your future practice in a PERSONAL philosophy of early childhood education. The assignment makes many connections to the How Does Learning Happen? Ontario’s Pedagogy for the Early Years document. Your paper and personal philosophy will be 10-­‐‐12 pages and double spaced in length, not including references. Use APA style referencing.
Below is a detailed description of points to include in your culminating paper and personal philosophy. While your paper should conclude with your philosophy statement, please bring together the following in a way that makes sense to you and flows well (i.e., please do not write your philosophy as a list of answers to the questions).
Please follow the below instructions and format:
1. Introduction
Briefly introduce yourself and detail what motivated you to enter the field of early childhood studies. Was there a particular teacher or role model in your life? An experience working with a child or children? —1 page in length.
2.Supporting Early Learning
For EACH of the following participants, discuss their role in early years learning. In your discussion, bring in the ideas and themes explored in the course (e.g., play, experience, children’s rights, ecology, etc.). Also, in your discussion make connections to the theorists and the readings from the course. Please make connection to the course materials that I uploaded.
The Child
The Educator
The Family
The Community
The Environment
3. Foundations for Learning
For the foundations of learning listed below, discuss how the theories and practices explored in the course can guide and inform early childhood educator’s support of children’s realization of these foundational goals:
There is more specific explanations about Four foundations: http://www(dot)edu(dot)gov(dot)on(dot)ca/childcare/howlearninghappens.pdf
4.Concluding philosophy statement
Your philosophy statement will express your personal philosophy of early childhood education and be reflective of the ideas, themes, and approaches discussed above. —2 pages in length.
Notes: The paper requires to make connection to course materials, so when you use the references please use any 5 materials that I uploaded.(in APA style, in text citation and so on..)And make connections about how these inspire me as an educator to develop personal philosophy. No needs for additional resources since this paper is more like Personal Philosophy of Early Childhood Education. But it still can be inspired by other theorists that I provided. Thank you so much! Have a good day:)


Early Childhood Education`Student’s NameInstitutional Affiliation
Early Childhood Education`
I have always aspired to join the field of early childhood mainly because my mother was a teacher and she taught children for more than twenty-five years. Besides, her sister is a children librarian. Therefore, making me a product of the environment in which I grew up. Growing up, I was surrounded by sounds of crayons, schoolyard and class equipment while at home. However, as a kid, I had envisioned myself working in the gaming animation industry, but later I figured that I did not like sitting behind a computer, and this is when I chose to pursue early childhood education. Whenever people hear of early childhood, they envision a soft and outgoing individual of age 40 and above. However, the industry is saturated by diversity. That said, the industry is still hugely dominated by the female.
Nevertheless, more men are taking up the challenge and are working towards challenging these conventional roles and joining the field to bring new insights into the teaching word. The few male teachers in the industry have brought alternative ways to impart and teach literacy and language especially for the children who absorb and learn well during motor activities. Having grown with a mother who was an ECD teacher, she became my main motivation and role model. The smiles she received from those innocent children were fulfilling. Besides, the ability to change an individual’s intellectual status and imparting them with knowledge is my greatest motivation and encouragement. The excitement in the children when they achieve something is also satisfying. Generally, anyone who chooses this path; they must have some empathy chip on their overdrive. You have to feel what the child feels when they fail and succeed at the same time.
Supporting Early Learning
The Child
There is a famous piece of wisdom from Plato that relates to playing. He states that one can discover a lot about a person in one hour they play than one year of having conversations. This statement was quoted by Alaska’s governor Sarah Palim back in 2009. The philosopher ideas on the play were deemed as his ideas for his time since his writings do not offer any indication that he might have allowed or entertained such a notion (Astuti & Sukartiningsih, 2018). His ideas on play emanate from his novel which states that play can easily influence how children develop as adults. According to Plato, he viewed play as important and that it plays a crucial role in a child’s development. In Greece, most of the aspects of play seemed intrinsic to a huge range of cultural activities (Sweeney & MacBeth, 2018). The playing of music and games was the central element in social events and religious ceremonies.
The manner through which children engage with their peers, teachers as well as tasks is crucial to the success of early0-childhood studies. However, this is an aspect that is hugely underestimated. The conventional wisdom dictates that a well-organised, emotionally supportive and stimulating pre-kindergarten classrooms are not enough especially to children from low-income homes (Astuti & Sukartiningsih, 2018). Children have a great contribution and bring a lot to the table. Therefore, the teachers should look beyond having a well-furnished and quality classroom and capture the children’s personal experiences in the classroom setting. A child’s engagement is directly connected to their developmental gains emotional support and a properly organised classroom notwithstanding.
The Educator
President Obama requested Congress to broaden access to high-quality pre-school to each child in the US. Preschools provide children with the op...

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