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Personal Growth Education Essay Research Paper Essay (Essay Sample)


Write about your personal growth as a teacher, and how do you wish to improve.
(Basically write about the changes from being fustrated to teach a whole class lesson to more comfortable, etc)


Personal Growth as a Teacher
School Affiliation
Personal Growth as a Teacher
It took me a considerable amount of dedication and hard work to be an efficient and effective teacher. Similar to other careers, some of my colleagues at first proved to be more natural to the profession than me. Even though I was also known to have the most natural abilities in teaching, I also had to put some time into cultivating my inner talent. Personal growth proved to be an essential component that all the teachers have to embrace as a way to maximize their potential (Djoub, 2018). There are a few different ways that I was able to develop my personal growth as well as development. A majority of my colleagues ahead of in my profession at the time taught preferred one approach over another. Still, every one of them proved to be necessary for my overall development as a teacher.

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