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Personal Commitment As A Preschool Teacher (Essay Sample)


Explain your experience and personal commitment to your community as a teacher demonstrating support for Pacific Oaks College's mission. Our missions is:
“Quakers believe there is a light in each person, and that is to be honored in everyone.” —Margie Young, Pacific Oaks Graduate '72
Mission Statement
Grounded in its social justice heritage, Pacific Oaks College prepares students to be culturally intelligent agents of change serving diverse communities in the fields of human development, education, and related family studies.
Core Values
Informed by Quaker principles, Pacific Oaks Children's School was built to bring an inclusive approach to early childhood education—teaching children to respect and embrace the differences that make others unique. Pacific Oaks College has expanded on this progressive approach to inform their approach to the fields of Early Childhood Education, Human Development, Cultural and Family Psychology, and Organizational Leadership.
Guided by four core values—respect, diversity, social justice, and inclusion—Pacific Oaks College has helped graduates change the world.


Personal Commitment as a Preschool Teacher
Personal Commitment as a Preschool Teacher
Children are naturally curious and I believe the sole purpose of teaching is to awaken this curiosity in a way that it can be satisfied as learning goes on in later stages. The impression we make on children during their childhood is long-lasting and influences even their perceptions on learning in future. With this in mind, I understand that I have a very important responsibility in my role as a preschool teacher and I will prioritize this. In order to create a conducive learning environment, I will concentrate on communication, ensuring effective student engagement and encouraging the aspect of diversity in class and the need to appreciate it.
As a qualified and experienced preschool teacher, I believe communication is the key to achieving all the other educational goals. According to Endica (2014), children can perform well if there is a good relationship amongst the parent, child and educator. Building this good relationship heavily relies on proper communication. With good relations amongst these three parties, trust can be built which is important to me as a teacher since it will make it easier to understand the family environment and beliefs of both the parent and child. Proper communication will also open a way to understanding the learning styles of a child, including what works and what does not work or them. By doing this it will enable me to uphold the school's mission of honoring the unique abilities that every child has. In addition, I will be in a better position to ensure the revision of the curriculum in such a manner that makes all the child's needs catered for. Communication ensures inclusion whereby as a teacher gets to know the unique characters of their learners, they are able to align the teaching style that does not leave out any child but instead attends to all.
I will show my commitment by ensuring effective student engagement. Fitzsimons (2014) agrees that students learn better through active learning. In this regard, I will strive to ensure that apart from the usual theoretical teaching, some practical sessions are included for effective engagement and learning. Children are known to learn well when they can see

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