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organs donation (Essay Sample)

i want my paper to talk about organs donations from ethical prospective. when is it acceptable to have organs it ok to donate organs to my own brothers. moreover, mentally retarded people who can not make reliable decisions can they donate if not who should make the decision for them and so on . source..
Title of your paper Student`s Name School Affiliation Abstract The human anatomy contains delicate parts which are prone to diseases and can be vulnerable during unwanted accidents. One way of saving lives is by means of organ transplantation or otherwise called as organ donation. Once a person`s organ is damaged, there is a critical need for that organ to be revived and therefore be replaced with a new and functional one. There are certain processes on how a person can become a donor along with prerequisites required to make sure that the living donor is fit to donate an organ. Whether the donated organ is from a living person or from a deceased donor, professional surgeons make sure that the organ being donated have passed the tests and fit for the transplant procedure. Organ donation together with modern technology is accepted by the public as another form of helping a person stimulate its body parts. However, in some countries particularly their culture and beliefs does not allow this kind of procedure which prevents them from undergoing the process. These philosophies prevent them from going through the life changing experience discovered by man which is discussed on the rest of the essay. As the damaged organ is replaced with a healthy one, new life begins for these people who undergo transplantation. The donor`s organ and that of the recipient`s are tested and therefore goes through a check-up to make sure that their organs are compatible. The results vary depending from the response of the recipient`s body and most of the time the organ transplant is successful and functions very well. Introduction What are organ donation/ transplantation? Who can donate organs? How can a person be a donor? Is there a requisition before the procedure? These are only a few of the questions being tackled within the essay discussing the topic of Organ Donation. This essay aims to argue with the process of organ transplantation among living individuals in aim of saving and revive lives. Another breakthrough of technology has brought change and hope for other individuals seeking for treatment for their organs particularly internal ones. This kind of medical invention can help save the lives of many who are in need of revitalizing their body. Using the gathered facts and information from various sources, this essay will establish a set of explanation to answer the questions mentioned above in order for the readers to identify and be familiar with the topic. The following questions will be addressed with specific answers presented with concrete data results and data analysis. Alongside with the scientific discussions of organ donation, cultural and medical aspects will be included to have an additional knowledge of the main topic. Body What is Organ Donation? Organ Donation (also called as Organ Transplantation) is a medical procedure of transferring a healthy and live organ of a donor to another person called the recipient. This process of replacing a damaged organ with a healthy one comprises of a series of steps in order for the operation to be successful. Medical professionals particularly surgeons will have to let the patient (recipient) and the donor to undergo stages of tests to make sure that the organ being transferred is functional, compatible and thus, fit for the procedure CITATION Und11 \l 13321 (Understanding Organ Donation, 2011). What are the frequent organs fit for transplant? When a person`s organs fail to function according to our body`s needs, it needs to be removed and replaced. A specific part of a human body which performs a particular purpose is called an organ. One example of a common organ being restored is our kidney. It is essential to keep our kidneys healthy as it helps maintain the regulation of our blo...
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