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Summarize the legacy of the one-room schoolhouse on the teaching profession. Why is it important to understand this lagacy? (Essay Sample)

3 Attachments will be sent via email and will include: 1. Textbook pages (Supervision and Instructional Leadership by Glickman, Gordon & Ross-Gordon) 2. Sample Calcoast essay 3. Writing assignment instructions and assessment form. PLEASE LET KNOW IF ANY OF THE ATTACHMENTS ARE MISSING. THE TEXT PAGES ARE CRUCIAL. Authors discuss 10 characteristics of the one-room schoolhouse: Isolation; Psychological Dilemma and Frustration;Inadequate Induction of Beginning Teachers(which includes resources, difficult work assignments, unclear expectations, sink-or-swim mentality, reality shock & effects of environmental difficulties);Inequity; Unstaged Career; Lack of Dialogue About Instruction; Lack of Involvement in Schoolwide Curriculum and Instructional Decisions; Lack of Shared Technical Culture; and Conservatism. source..
Question #1: summarize the legacy of the one-room schoolhouse on the teaching profession. Why is it important to understand this legacy?
One room schoolhouse is to be found in many countries including Europe and in overseas states. However, they are mostly present in rural areas sparsely populated. Based on the title of the book, the meaning of a one room school house is obvious. It simply means that in school, there existed a single classroom housing many students and would be taught by one teacher from the first grade all through to the eighth grade. It was the worst kind of system since everything was limited and it is clear that neither the teachers nor the pupils were happy about it since it was hectic trying to understand the system that could hardly accommodate anyone. A single teacher would typically be left to handle a multitude of students who were mixed both the young and the old. it is only one teacher that handled all the lessons and that was very boring considering that it was monotonous having the same teacher daily, teaching all lessons and in the same class all through till the end of 8th grade (Kenny, 1990).
In the 19th century, communities saw growth of schools as a target and a tool for full modernization of the community. Schoolhouses prompted the development of egalitarian and social institutions. In the rural areas, schoolhouses were mostly used for political, social and economic functions as they were basically the first buildings to be erected. One room schoolhouses were highly significant in the rural areas as institutions for learning, and were a representation of better education and learning. However, it had very many negative characteristics as explained below (Kenny, 1990).
The legacy of the one room schoolhouse was characterized by very negative characters. One of it includes isolation. The teachers felt isolated in the classrooms since they did not have any one they could run to incase of a lack of understanding in handling any issues on teaching that cropped up. They depended on their own judgments as those responsible to mentor them would leave the beginner teachers on their own to see if they were in a position of handling the teaching pressures on their own. This subjected the beginner teacher to isolation and frustration and would just work based on what they thought of, and as a result, the beginner teacher lose the optimism they had when taking up the teaching career (Glickman & Gordon, 2014).
Advices that the beginner teachers mostly wanted to have was withdrawn from them and as a result of isolation, learning example...
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