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No turning back (Essay Sample)

Book Assignment \"NO TURNING BACK\", by Bryan Anderson. This is a book about one man\'s courage, determination and hope in the face of dauntless challenges after returning from Iraq. The story of a young man who left America after graduating from high school, an exceptional gymnast, and returned a hero with a riveting drive to succeed. write relflective paper of what was your emotional respnse(or your fellings) as you read the book, what part touched you the most, what inspired you the most, and what did you learn from the writer. Your paper will be done in 12font, 3 pages long and double-spaced. Please reread it for errors - spelling - and grammar. This cannot be a hand-written paper. Since three full pages are requested in the assignment, please make sure you do indeed have three full pages. Less than three page reports will not be accepted. Please download the book online. source..
No Turning Back Student Name School Name Can you please revise & rewrite my paper properly. My professor returned my paper. I am losing 20% of my mark. Professor stated “please rewrite in own/ simple/ good English as undergraduate” correct all the spelling error, capital letter comas… Introduction Bryan Anderson was injured by a blast on October 23, 2005 in Baghdad, Iraq. Bryan was driving an armored humvee when the blast from a roadside explosive device hit him. The incidence severed Bryan’s legs and his left hand. His right hand was also maimed, and right lung collapsed. Bryan was admitted at Walter Reed Army Medical Center where he underwent medical treatment. Bryan was discharged from the hospital on December 14, 2005 and began his rehabilitation process that lasted for 13 months. Bryan has since returned to a civilian way of life with determination and courage that is rarely seen in people who have undergone such suffering and endurance. Emotional feelings Reading Bryan’s book creates a mixture of emotional feelings on readers’ mind. It is painful for a young person such as Bryan to become a triple amputee at an early stage of his career. Bryan was only 23 years old and had jut graduated from high school when he encountered the tragedy that changed his life and career forever. The book however in addition offers a lot of hope to people who have undergone severe sufferings in life. It provides hope to every individual faced with challenges in life that could jeopardize their normal living conditions. Bryan manifested faith, courage and determination in his life after being rendered a triple amputee at a young age. Bryan does not regret at the predicamen...
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