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Module Discussion 5: The Debunking Myths (Essay Sample)


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Module 5 Discussion
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Use the Debunking Myths about ELs table 10.2 in Chapter 10 to respond to this question.
Which of the myths about ELs do you think are most prevalent in society? What about in schools? Which are least prevalent? Explain your responses.


Module Discussion 5
Student’s Name
Module Discussion 5
I think the most prevalent myth in society is that when an ELL student can speak English fluently, he or she has mastered it. But as debunked by Bennett (2007), “everyday oral language includes different structure and vocabulary than written and academic language.” I think the members of society do not understand that it takes significantly longer time to acquire academic and written language whereas fluency in speaking is attained quicker because of the interaction with teachers and peers. Therefore, students may interact fluently in English but when it comes to academic language, it becomes difficult.
In schools, I think the most prevalent myth is that many ELs have disabilities and that explains th

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