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Module 3 Bilingual Education Essay Research Paper Coursework (Essay Sample)


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What "a-ha!" moments have you had when comparing two languages, either in your own learning or in teaching others? Have you been betrayed by any "false friends" (words that looks like cognates but are not)? Do you have any good tips for teaching students to compare languages?


Bilingual Education
Student’s Name
Bilingual Education
I have had a few aha moments while learning Spanish on my own. One of the first aha moments I heard while learning Spanish was when I realized that “sombrero” literally refers to a “shade maker.” Another one happened with “paraguas” when I learned that it literally means “stop water.” These moments made it fun to learn the language. Furthermore, another aha moment happened when I began writing a few Spanish sentences. I realized that when I wrote something real and personal about me or my life, the process turned out to be engaging. This personalizing of my learning was integral in the learning process.
I have been betrayed by false several times. I was deceived into believing I have understood some words but I had a long way to

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