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Teaching Writing Assignment: Meaning of Lexical Items (Essay Sample)


Assessment 2 (modules 4-6) Part 1 of 2: Study Module 4 Range of Techniques to Present and Reinforce the Meaning of Lexical Items (Section 2.6). Wherever possible, you should give an active presentation of a vocabulary item that the students do not know, instead of them using a dictionary. This will ensure that students have a better chance of being more motivated to learn and will increase the chances of them remembering the word. There is a list of 7 vocabulary items below. Your students are intermediate and above. They do not know these words but they may know synonyms or antonyms of these words. How would you best convey the meaning and teach the vocabulary items to them? Write a paragraph on each word/words including types of interactive questions which can help accomplish this task. You do not need to restrict your method of conveying meaning to the suggestions in Section 2.6. There are other ways it could be done. Be imaginative! Aircraft carrier Yesterday The moon Love Keeping fit Grandfather Stamina Paragraph length: variable Total length of assessment answer: 300 -400words Part 2 of 2: According to the videos seen in Modules 8, please write a short paragraph answering the following questions: What are some examples of on-the-spot feedback?What are some examples of delayed feedback? Paragraph length per question for part 2 of 2: 50-75 words Total length of part 2 of 2 submission: 100-150 words


Teaching: Meaning of Lexical Items
Aircraft carrier
Levels: advanced, adult learners
This is at advanced levels because adults understand wars and the role of the
Presentation- I would not define the aircraft carrier, but rather show pictures of different aircraft carriers and let learners find out the definition.
Concept check question- How is aircraft carrier is similar, different from a ship?
This is at beginner level as it is a commonly used word
Presentation- There is seven days in a week and yesterday is one day before today or the present. I would provide posters with activities on specific days and characters showing these activities.
Concept check question-Can someone remind me what we studied yesterday, and the day before yesterday?
The moon
Level and learners- Intermediate,
This is at the intermediate level as it distinguishes the stars and sun
Presentation: These would be taught to intermediate learners who are first introduced to the concept of the earth and moon moving around the moon, and I would show posters of the moon
Concept check question - Can anyone draw a moon for the class? Do you see the moon at night or during the day?
Level and learners- beginning, preteens school children
This is a beginner level as it is a common word in the media and conversations
Presentation- Love is a strong liking for someone or something and is not hate (Lexical Items and Situational Context, 2017). You can love your country, your family members, and activities. I will ask the class to write down what they like and explain further what love is
Concept check question- What sign represents love?
Keeping Fit

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