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Math Trail Summary In Early Childhood And Reflection (Essay Sample)


"This course examine how young children aged birth to 8 understand and engage in mathematical knowledge, concepts and processes. Students explore and critique different theories of mathematical approaches to learning, such as inquiry--based models. Experiences designing and teaching lessons, creating physical and social environments to promote mathematical thinking, and assessing children's' knowledge and skills encourage positive attitudes toward mathematics in the learning environment."
For this paper, this is an individual REFLECTION assignment and is intended to bring together the big ideas that you take from your own experience of the MATH trail that your class follows (0-8 years old, early childhood).
The assignment has two parts – a summary and a reflection – and each part should be 1 page double spaced.
First, write a summary of your math trail experience. You might discuss some of the concepts you explored and some of the questions that you had.
Next, write a reflection in which you relate your math trail experience to your PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE experiences as an early childhood educator and mathematics educator. For example, how might the concepts and contexts explored inform your mathematics teaching? What new possibilities do you see for math teaching in the early years? How do the experiences inform your own understandings of mathematics?
I uploaded some resources for reference, you can choose use it or not, NOT exceed to 2 readings as resources(if you choose to use it as future EXPERIENCE).
Thank you and have a good day:)


Math Trail Summary and Reflection
Student’s Name
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Math Trail Summary and Reflection
I participated in a math trail involving children eight years and below. The math trail took place inside the school since it was easier for the children to relate with objects they are more familiar with in the school. The school has a bus that carries the same students on a daily basis. Hence, it formed a perfect target for our math trail.
I asked the students if the bus was big or small. They all agreed that it was big compared to personal cars. “The bus is large, but how large is it? While it was easier for the children to use a tape measure and obtain the exact measurements of the bus, I opted to allow them to estimate the length of the bus using their hands and feet. The students estimated the length and width of the bus. After they had tried the estimation method, we used a tape measure to obtain the exact measurements. They then went ahead and combined the two lengths and widths of the bus to obtain the perimeter of the bus.
Next, I required the learners to determine the size of the tires. They measured the circumference of the tires and recorded. Next, the students measured the radius of the tires. I required them to divide the circumference with the radius and indicate the value. Further, in order to develop the ability of the students to add, I req

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