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Math Trail Summary and Reflection (Essay Sample)


This is intended to bring together the big ideas that you take from your experience of the math trail that your class follows. The assignment has two parts – a summary and a reflection – and each part should be 1 page double spaced. First, write a summary of your math trail experience. You might discuss some of the concepts you explored and some of the questions that you had. Next, write a reflection in which you relate your math trail experience to your past, present, and future experiences as an early childhood educator and mathematics educator. For example, how might the concepts and contexts explored inform your mathematics teaching? What new possibilities do you see for math teaching in the early years? 
How do the experiences inform your own understandings of mathematics?
Children's age must around 0-8 years old, and use the educator's view to write this essay!!!


Math Trail Summary and Reflection
First, write a summary of your math trail experience
Providing a space for continuous, learning is essential to improve mathematics learning, and if the studies have a weak foundation this will be reflected in later classes. Teaching mathematics is fulfilling, but more so when the teachers develop the competencies. Thus, since the initial training influences the quality mathematics education, I focused on improving the teaching-learning process, to get better student outcomes and using various strategies makes learning more effective. For instance, including play and using examples in real life makes learning mathematics be less abstract. Planning and observation also played an important role in adapting teaching to the students needs to improve learning.
Focusing on estimation of results in the teaching of mathematics was be important to improve teaching and leaning more so when describing a problem. Since teachers reinforce and teach mathematics knowledge, my ability to enhance the students ability to estimate results of problems, operations and measures made it easier to link different concepts. At the very least, when the pupils were able to count they recognized what was required in various problems or operations. I was able to teach the children to focus on understanding the problem and reflecting on the relationship between the numbers and what they have learned.
It was easier for the learners to be well prepared for what they can solve if the problems are presented just as would be the case in daily life. Ma

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