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Legacy of the One-room Schoolhouse on the Teaching profession: Summary (Essay Sample)

Please summarize all 10 characteristics listed in the Chapter 2 pgs. I will email the Chapter 2 pgs. to Support for them to forward to you. Also include points from the Mydland web article that I will attach to this order. Please tie the introduction to the conclusion. Thanks. source..
Legacy of the One-room Schoolhouse on the Teaching profession: Summary
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The one house schoolhouse has historically played a crucial role in many countries. In the legacy of the one room schoolhouse, the author is bringing back or reflecting on the memories of the one room schoolhouse where one teacher was responsible in teaching a whole class. The same teacher was expected to maintain the structure of the building, ensuring the floor cleanness, and ensuring that the school eatery was in order. This according to the author made the teaching profession appear like a manual labor and that the teaching profession was far from being a noble profession at that time. The author observes that it is important to understand the legacy of the one room school house since there are many aspects that were prevalent in such times and which are still existing today in the school system. According to Zimmerman, human beings shape buildings and they shape them. Further, these buildings continue to do so long after their departure, depending on how humans choose to remember them.
Some of the aspects that are still exant include privatization of teaching, independence, and isolation among others. According to the author, these factors have a negative impact on teaching and learning. This paper summarizes the characteristics of the One-room Schoolhouse era.
Although Individualism and isolation was a phenomena associated with One-room Schoolhouse era, it is still a common feature in to today’s perspective. Using Dreeben’s (1973) observation to make his point, the author says that classrooms and school structures are still spatially scattered in many places, teachers are required to work in different contexts and places at the same time and are not concerned about the work of other teachers. Dreeben noted that this had had negative implications in the teaching profession.
Inadequate Induction for beginning Teachers
Another cause for worry, which Dreeben also observed, was that many schools still do not have appropriate setting for induction and training of new recruits in the teaching profession, a factor that jeopardize the efficiency of learning and teaching in these schools. As the author notes, teachers with no or little experience encountered the greatest challenges in the one room schoolhouse system. Other issues which beginning teachers faced included insufficient resources since experienced teachers could always take away essential resources in a classroom once it was left vacant.
Psychological Dilemma and Frustration
Much like the One-room Schoolhouse era, today’s school environment is also not short of psychological dilemmas for both teachers and learners. As Jackson (1968) noted, this is factor can be depicted by a frowning teacher to a learner who looks inattentive in class, a teacher smiling to a student’s answer, an...
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