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Learning Theory (Educational): What Is My Learning Theory? (Essay Sample)


Only has three sample paper, please write in student's view, the sample essays were mainly written by teachers. This class is Educational Psychology.


Learning Theory
There are certain differences that I experience compared to those students who grow in other places such as Buffalo, a city, or even a suburb of a city. I come from a rural town of northern New York which is known as the North country. My parents have been and will continue being my first teachers. My parents teach me using various teaching styles which they are not even aware that they are using them for the purpose of teaching. They have not only taught me the basic skills one needs to have while going to preschool but also, they have taught me how to establish self-control, responsibility, self-advocacy and also, how to solve problems, consequences, and causations. According to McArthur, 2002. Caregivers and educators must provide positive feedback and appropriate discipline in a manner that children will both comprehend and positively respond to. At times, they are not the fairest of parents and will alter their parenting style based on the situation.
Learning is impacted by the environments of both home and school. The restrictions of the school and home environment that I grow up in allow for proper and effective learning to occur. There are limited threats that occur when you are growing in a small town. Some of these include rare murders, kidnappings and other threats to our well-being. The entire community is impacted when such situations occur. A few of my high school teachers use teacher-led approaches and direct instruction which limit the student involvement and group work. With this method of teaching, I am unable to learn and strengthen knowledge effectively. The teacher lectures for 45 minutes and the students take handwritten notes in notebooks. This has become a standard approach for many of the older teachers. The students only contribute only if the teacher asks a question. If the question is answered incorrectly, the teacher points out that the students do not know the material in enough detail. It is always a difficult situation to be in.
Insights from field experiences: my experiences will be based on the speech-language pathology program and one day to become a certified speech-language pathologist. The lack of a background of teaching does not exclude the fact that we will become educators in one way or another. Going into the communication disorders and sciences program, I will have a brief understanding of the learning techniques and study habits that will work best for me which might be challenged through the progress of my college years. I will have to recognize my learning style before I join college and strive to be a visual and verbal learner. I think that I will learn best through providing written notes, drawing, graphs and having the teacher explain through verbal and visual expression. I will not only become a better learner, but I will learn how to teach and strengthen other people’s skills through the experiences that I will have achieved in my learning and application. I will need to figure out what learning styles will be the best for other individuals while working with their speech and language difficulties.
What is my learning theory?
I am still in the process of creating my learning theory. I am in the process of gaining knowledge, experiences, and challenges of life. As a student, I believe that there are alterations that may occur in my goal of creating a profession of speech-language. As students, we are challenged through undergraduate and graduate school with the daunting coursework and heavy caseload which we will receive the exposure and different experiences that we will need to make a change.
My personal experience of learning
I am privileged enough to go to a suburban public school for both elementary and middle school and explore the many benefits of an al-girl private ...
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