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Learning Centers in School. The Design Details of the Learning Center (Essay Sample)


1. Decide whether you’ll create your center on paper only or—if you have access to
an early childhood classroom—develop a real physical space.
2. Create a diagram of the layout of your center. Include the layout of the entire classroom
to illustrate where you’ve placed the center in relation to other areas.
3. Now work through the design details, in your head and on paper. Be sure to review
the correlating chapter in your textbook, including the center assessment checklist
provided for your chosen area.
4. Create a detailed list of materials that you plan to include.
5. Write an essay of at least 500 words that describes your learning center design in
detail. Include the following points in your essay:
*The center you chose to develop and why
* The items and materials you included and why you included them
* Where in the classroom, specifically, you’ve chosen to locate this center
* How your materials are displayed
* How your materials are stored
* Your plan for rotating learning materials in the center
* Objectives and goals of your center (What do you want students to learn here


Learning Center in School
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A learning center diversifies the overall experience of students, encourages them to speak of their mind, allows them to get benefited from all available resources, and gives teachers an opportunity to critically access the performance of students (Metin, 2017). Just like other schools, I find it necessary to have a learning center at our school. I have always been interested in small-group conversations as it boosts the confidence of children aging from 3 to 5. For such small kids, a learning center where the basics of the English language, science, and mathematics are taught is compulsory. This learning center will primarily serve students of Grade 0 to Grade 2, and they will be given a chance to practice some advanced and newly acquired skills in a friendly yet competitive environment. 

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