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Instructional Technology (Essay Sample)

How can technology be used to communicate in a classroom setting? Consider communication and collaboration with students, parents, the community, and the global community. 1) Develop a 500-750 word essay, drafting your Communications Plan for your first year of teaching, detailing how you will communicate with all engaged groups in the educational community. Items you may consider incorporating into the plan include: a) A class Web site b) Emergency contact list c) Alternative methods of communications d) Critical communications links e) e-mail f) VOIP g) Student Web sites h) Partnerships with other schools i) e-pals j) Others 2) How will you address Internet security and safety in this plan? source..

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(13 May, 2011)
Instructional Technology
This easy is a critical communication plan for my first year teaching, it contains details on how I will be communicating with all engaged groups in the education community. Mostly I will be using class websites in most of communications. In developing class websites, I tent to map the main pages as well as secondary pages. The website will at least include the following home page, student page, parent page, teachers’ pages, teaching philosophy page, as well as professional page.
I will make the home page to set out some sort of metaphors or themes that will be repeated in the rest of the website. It will also provide links to other main pages. The student page will contain links to sites that supports activities I might use when teaching. It will contain e-societies that supplement my teaching courses. It will also contain a list of recommended references for students, as well as assignments, as well as learning activities like Web Quests. It will also contain a link to student’s e-mail addresses where private issues concerning a particular student will be sent to his/her own e-mail address.
I will be using parents’ page to store links that leads to my teaching philosophy, which allows me post students’ student work, as well as grades. It will provide links that are interesting to parents as well as other sites, I think parents will find more important, like the course objective. On teachers’ page and colleagues, will contain lesson plans that I have created, ideas used in teaching that I will derive from journals as well as from web links. I will also cr...
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