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Immigrant Family in Early Childhood in The USA (Essay Sample)


The purpose of this assignment is for you to connect course content to an area of interest you have related to the field of early learning (birth to age 8) and/or families.
Part 1. Description of the ‘interest':
Provide an introduction to and description of your ‘case'. What information do you think your reader needs to have about this ‘case' in order to have foundational information about it? For example, how does this case represent an issue or problem in early childhood/family studies? Who might care about it? Why? To whom does it matter? What are some questions people are trying to answer about this case?
Part 2. Explorations of research efforts related to your selected case:
Describe some of the research efforts being done related to your case. What are some of the major research questions?
Part 3. Professional Organization Review:
Using the information from a selected national professional organization website including at least one ‘position paper' from this site, describe the organization and some of the positions or perspectives this group provides for your case. What are some of the major professional development efforts?
Part 4: Connections to course readings/lectures: Using the information from readings and class lectures, what information and/or insights would you add to this area of interest. How do them ‘intersect' with your topic of interest?


Immigrant Family in Early Childhood


Institutional Affiliation

Immigrant Family in Early Childhood


Several developed countries, especially the United States have experienced a significant increase in foreign nationals. Resultantly, ethnic diversity has increased significantly in these countries. Although some of the foreign individuals cluster in specific areas where they live in large numbers, a number of immigrants tend to live in different locations that are occupied mainly by local citizens. Although adults and teenagers can easily adapt to these changing environments, young children are vulnerable and as a result, they find it difficult to comprehend and easily respond to the environmental changes. In fact, a majority of young children who come from immigrant families lack proper care in terms of health and education (Dinan, 2006). These primary factors are highly important in a child

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